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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions & Quick Answers.

What is www.heikinax.io do? who owns this website?
This website, www.heikinax.io is a crypto asset management company from England.
Users can register accounts through a referral system, manage their cryptocurrency assets and Lock their cryptocurrency assets when the market price is high so that they do not lose cryptocurrency asset value when the market falls.
Depending on the business plan Users deposited, the number of locks is assigned.
This website www.heikinax.io is Owned by Heikinax Business Ventures Limited.
What is Heikinax Business Model?
Heikinax is a registered and Licensed company whose business model is to manage a Crypto assets portfolio in major decentralised cryptocurrencies, we provide this service across the globe. We currently offer this service in the referral market and binary promotion system through this website.
What is the business of Heikinax Business Ventures Limited
We are into Crypto-Currencies trading and Crypto-Currencies Mining, we Manage Decentralised assets, develop blockchain softwares, develop SmartContracts, develop DeFi Applications. We Stake and farm in Decentralized Tokens and develop NFTs, develop NFT Market Place and NFT Auctions.
When was Heikinax established?
Heikinax was founded in the Second quarter of 2022 by a team of experienced Blockchain software management experts, Trading veterans and Cryptocurrency market analysts, a Visionary team of marketing experts and a Crypto currency trading team. Please look into the company details page for more information.
Is Heikinax a Legal Business?
Yes, Heikinax is a legally registered company, please go through the Legal page for complete details and Certificates.
How can I register an account with heikinax.io ?
You can register with us using your Basic details and sponsor details to get Heikinax User Account through which you can manange your crypto Assets and make your own binary business. Please refer Business Opportunity page for more details. Heikinax Users can earn unlimited profit through its unique Binary and Referral marketing plan. As we follow Referral and Binary Plan, Earning Unlimited referrals and Unlimited Binary income is a significant advantage along with establishing your own crypto Asset management.
Why Sponsor Details are required to register an account with Heikinax ?
Heikinax is not an open offer to public, We have a referral and binary system through which we market our Key service. To maintain the integrity of binary system one can not register without Sponsor Details
How do I get Benefits from Heikinax Website?
We provide a turnkey solution to your Crypto Asset Management. There are Four benefits from heikinax website. the unique feature is that you can lock your Crypto-currency value when the market is high and you get the locked value even if the market falls at the time of maturity, if the market rises above locked value you get the current high value. The second benefit is that you get Instant referral commission on every referral you made if they manage their assets through us. There is a monthly return on your Crypto Assets you manage through us, we pay 4-15% monthly on your managed assets. Fourth one is Binary income, you get 4% to 15% on your downline business, We pay Binary Every day.
Can I register multiple accounts with the same Name or Email?
Yes, you can register multiple accounts with the same name, email, profile and other details.
Can I manage multiple crypto assets, multiple currencies with the same account?
Yes, you can manage multiple crypto assets, and multiple times, multiple currencies we support with Same Account. but you have to select a package every time you add asset to your portfolio.
What are the different business offers available with heikinax?
We have Six types of Business Offers nmaely
Pilot Shield Plan (Plan 1)
Prime Shield Plan (Plan 2)
Swift Shield Plan (Plan 3)
Turbo Shield Plan (Plan 4)
Expert Shield Plan (Plan 5)
Ultimate Shield Plan (Plan 6)
How these Offers are Different from one another?
Every Plan is carefully designed to individuals on their deposit and marketing capacity, Please find more details in our Business Plan Page.
What are the crypto assets the heikinax Manages?
At present we accept, manage and deliver
We may add Few more coin in near future.
How can I earn from Heikinax Business?
You can have Three ways of earning here at Heikinax Other than Locking your crypto assets at Highest Market Price
A monthly return of 2.50 % to 7.00 % is paid on your Crypto assets.
Secondly an instant referral commission of 5.00% is paid on every Referral and
Thirdly You will get Unlimited income through our Binary Programme. and is paid Everyday.
How Many Months Can I Earn my Returns?
All packages / plans are matured after 365 Days (12 Months) from the date of deposit. Monthly Returns are paid till maturity
If you would like to continue without withdraw, We will continue to pay every month till you withdraw yur deposit
Is there any higher and Lower limit for deposits and withdrawals?
There is a higher Limit for Deposits, Maximum you can deposit is 500000 USD,
but here is no upper limit for withdraw, you can choose any amount to deposit and select any Business suit.
We do not have any daily withdrawal limits. You can request unlimited withdrawals daily 24x7.
But Min withdrawal is Set to 100 USD for BTC, 60 USD for ETH and 25 USD for BNB.
Can I deposit and withdrwa in Fiat currency?
No, Heikinax Accepts and Delivers only Cryptocurrencies.
Can I withdraw my commissions without buying any package?
No, One must be an active account member to qualify for withdraw.
Can I Transfer my commissions to othyer members without buying any package?
No, One must be an active account member to qualify for Third Party Transfers.
Can I withdraw my Funds added to wallet without buying any package?
Yes, you can But There may be some Charges for the withdrawal by the Network You choose for withdrawl.
Can I withdraw my deposit in Other cryptos than I deposited?
No, we do not offer such Exchange services.
How much time does it take to get my withdrawal processed?
All withdrawal requests are processed Every 24 Hours.
What is the minimum and maximum withdrawal limit?
The minimum amount is 100 USD and no maximum limit.
Is there any service fee for the Deposit?
No. There is no service fee for Deposit. However a network fee may be applicable from gateway.
Is there any service fee for withdrawal?
No. There is no service fee for withdrawal. However a network fee may be applicable from gateway.
Is there any service fee for the transfer?
Is there any Bonus system in Heikinax ?
Currently We have a Deposit Bonus offer for a Limited Time
A minimum Deposit Bonus of
100 USD is added to Pilot Shield Plan (Plan 1)
500 USD is added to Prime Shield Plan (Plan 2)
1000 USD is added to Swift Shield Plan (Plan 3)
2500 USD is added to Turbo Shield Plan (Plan 4)
5000 USD is added to Expert Shield Plan (Plan 5)
and extend to a maximum of deposit bonus of
10000 USD is added to Ultimate Shield Plan (Plan 6).
Is Marketing Commission also paid for Deposit Bonus?
No, only monthly returns is paid on Deposit bonus.
Can I Withdraw the deposit bonus at the end of maturity?
yes, you can withdraw the deposit bonus along with your deposit at the end of maturity
How can I become a shareholder with heikinax
Any heikinax registered member can buy Financial shares from Heikinax,
To buy Shares from Heikinax you should have sufficient balance in your wallet.
If you do not have sufficient balance you can add funds after login
What are the advantages of Heikinax Financial Shares?
Heikinax pays a minimum of 10.0 % Share Price to its Financial Shareholders Every month,
You can Resale your Finncial shares to any Other members after 365 Days.
or Heikinax Buys backFinancial shares after 365 Days.
Share price is decided Every day and you can buy upto a maxmum of 25% of Total available Financial Shares
Shareholders do not have any administrative rights.
What is Heikinax's Affiliate/ Referral Programme?
Heikinax Business also offers affiliate programme,
If you refer some one with your Sponsor details, If he /she deposits in any plan you will get 5% of his amount as your referral commission
you can transfer, withdraw or even deposit again.
Is Referral Commission paid instantly?
Referral Commission is paid instantly and will be credited to your wallet and you can Withdrwa or even deposit again
What is Heikinax's Binary Programme?
Heikinax Rewards Binary commissions based on the business that a member is made under his down line,
We calculate a cummulative business on both sides of your downline and pay 7.00 % of Matched business Everyday. and rest is carried forward.
There is also Binary Capping applicable depending on your plan pachage.. please refer business plan page for details
Is binary Commission paid instantly?
Binary commission is paid Everyday, It is paid only once Everyday.
What is Heikinax's Millionaire Club Programme?
Heikinax Millionaire Club Programme is target based exclusive club membership to enjoy the extra benefit of 5% monthly profit share from Heikinax's profits. One must attain a minimum of $100,000 of total marketing commissions (binary and referral) to get Millionaire Club status.
What is Billionaire Club Programme?
Heikinax Billionaire Club Programme is target based exclusive club membership to enjoy the extra benefit of 10% monthly profit share from Heikinax's profits. One must attain a minimum of $1000,000 of total marketing commissions (binary and referral) to get Billionaire Club status.
How safe is my personal Information?
Heikinax gives highest priority to Your Personal Information as well as your transactional information.
We do not collect your personal details, we collect a Displayname that can be visible to your team, it may not be your name.
We do collect your email for communication and internal transactional messaging
We do not collect or store or distribute any of your Crypto wallets, Addresses, Mnemonics or pass phrases. We do not process any personal information
we do not buy or sell any personal information
we take strict measures to keep your data safe
whom should I contact if any of my personal information is misspelt?
contact our accounts department or online support team to correct any information that is misspelt.
How can I contact you, If I face any issues while using Heikinax services?
Our Live support is Available on Every page of the website,
Our Live support persons will deal with all technical and website related issues,
Account related issue can be be directly solved with our support staff.
You can contact us through contact form and also
you can contact various departments with emails provided in the company team pages or Contact page.
Can I get any aadditional support for my team growth or any other assistance?
You can feel free to cointact us for additional support for promotion, team development and other business related quaries.
What is your Live Phone - Support?
We have an aotomated user assisted Live Phone system available 24 X 7.
Through this service you can know your Account and Balance details, Plan Details, company details, Heikinax Benefits or Even can connect to Our Representative
How to avail 24 x 7 Live Phone Support?
Call us on +44 11 650 23456
Select the menu as assisted.
if you would like to get your account details you need to enter Your Heikinax IVRS ID and Security PIN which have been sent to Every user in their registration email.
Ex: If your Heikinax IVRS ID is 482276 and IVRS Security PIN is 637, then you have to enter 482276637 all nine digits together.